Things not to know when using china disposable composite gloves

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china disposable composite gloves

Presumably you should all know the importance of disposable china composite gloves, whether at home, hospitals, auto repair shops, nail shops and other places, you can see the existence of china disposable composite gloves. To be precise, china disposable composite gloves have entered thousands of households and are deeply involved in many people's lives and work, and are widely used by friends from all over the country.

We found that customers in the use and purchase of a few wrong ideas, today we are ready to sort out some let you understand:

1. Disinfect gloves and reuse them

Generally disposable protective clothing, masks, gloves, shoe covers are not recommended to be repeatedly disinfected, of course, AClean's china disposable composite gloves after use, can be recycled and cleaned, a higher utilization rate.

2. Store at high temperature and throw away directly after use

Although china's disposable composite gloves are degradable, do not throw them away after use and do a good job of sorting the garbage to avoid the breeding of bacteria. When not in use, it is also necessary to store china disposable composite gloves ina ventilated, dry and below 40℃ environment. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and other ultraviolet sources. Will affect the permeability of china's disposable composite gloves. In order to prevent china disposable composite gloves from deteriorating due to moisture, the storage environment must be strictly paid attention to!

3. The number of gloves received is inconsistent

I don't know if you have noticed that there are clearly 100 boxes of china disposable composite gloves, but some boxes will have 1 more or 1 less gloves. Of course, this situation is only an individual case, not common. Here is just to tell you why there is this phenomenon, mainly because the packaging method of disposable gloves is through the way of weighing to complete the packaging! Different from other products, in the production process, there will be errors in the gram weight of each glove, but this error is within the scope of national regulations, so the number of gloves may be inconsistent.

If some customers are found to have this situation, do not worry, it does not affect the use of china disposable composite gloves, the protection performance is the same.

china disposable composite gloves