What are the hybrid pot still applied to

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What are the application areas of hybrid pot still (what are the features of hybrid pot still products), many people do not know, now let's get to know!

hybrid pot still applies:

Fine chemicals, such as aromatic oil purification, polymer intermediates purification, lanolin extraction, etc.

Pharmaceutical field: such as extraction of natural vitamin AE, preparation of amino acids and glucose derivatives.

Food industry: such as refined fish oil, oil deacidification, refined high carbon alcohol, mixed oil separation.

Other fields: petroleum industry, daily chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.

hybrid pot still features:

1, operating at a temperature far below the boiling point of the material, the material residence time is short; It is beneficial to the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxidation materials

2, effective removal of organic solvents, odor and other substances in the liquid, is a very effective method of liquid precipitation after solvent extraction

3, the product can be selective evaporation, remove other impurities, multistage separation can be separated at the same time more than 2 kinds of substances

4. High vacuum degree of distillation, vacuum degree can reach below 0.1pa, high vacuum can be obtained inside distillation. Usually molecular distillation is carried out at very low pressures.

Operation, so the material is not easy to be damaged by oxidation

5. Thin film of distillate, high heat transfer efficiency, film thickness less than 0.5mm

6, higher separation degree, molecular distillation can separate difficult to separate conventional substances.

7, no boiling and bubbling phenomenon, molecular distillation is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer, under low pressure, there is no dissolved air in the liquid, so

The distillation process can not boil the whole liquid, no bubbling phenomenon.

8, provide a variety of specifications for customers to choose, suitable for customer small trial, pilot test, such as the need for larger evaporation area specifications, can be customized according to customer requirements.

9, physical separation method, non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, no residue, can obtain pure and safe products

9, the scraper system adopts PTFE material and SS316L stainless steel material, with anti-corrosion effect;

10, the feeding tank is optional to achieve preheating function, preheating temperature is adjustable.

11, each interface adopts fluorine rubber gasket seal, good air tightness. If the customer needs corrosion resistance, you can use PTFE material instead.

hybrid pot still https://www.hzzjde.com/Hybrid_Stills/