How to make Homemade caramel whipped cream

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How to make Homemade caramel whipped cream

Tools for Homemade Caramel Whipped Cream

a balloon whisk, electric or stand mixer

a big bowl made preferably of glass or metal, which keeps temperatures colder longer than plastic.

For the powdered sugar, use a sifter (if using)

Cream whips up more quickly and easily when it is cold. Cream should be refrigerated until shortly before use.



This simple recipe calls for canned caramel, often known as dulce de leche. A handy and speedy method to flavor your whipped cream is with canned caramel.

As an alternative to canned caramel, caramel sauce can be utilized.

Added ingredients:

Powdered sugar is used to solidify your whipped cream as well as offer a sweet flavor.

When you want to fill in the spaces between layers of cake, this ingredient is extremely useful. The tiny amount of cornstarch in the powdered sugar prevents the whipped cream from weeping when left out for more than a few hours.


How to create whipped caramel cream

Put the cream in a basin that has been refrigerated.

The cream should be whisked or beat with an electric hand mixer for roughly 2 minutes at medium speed.

Beat the cream with the caramel until it reaches the required consistency.

The cream will show soft traces or lines from the beaters or whisk after 1 minute for soft peaks. The cream will have the perfect thickness to maintain its shape in supple billows. ideal for sprinkling on top of cupcakes or pancakes.

For cream that is stiffly beaten, whip it for 2 1/2 minutes at medium-high speed; the beaters or whisk should leave distinct traces or lines on the cream and stand in firm peaks when they are raised. Perfect for filling in between cake layers or for piping on frosting.

At this point, take care not to overwhip the cream. Whip or beat the cream until it begins to form distinct lines, then stop. Unusable for icing, piping, or spreading, overwhipped cream separates into solids and liquids. If you want to whip cream quickly, you can use cream chargers and click here to know what are cream chargers.